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Winter Solstice

My Love is a Dancer

Holding Patterns

Barrier Reef

Hungarian Love Songs

Leaving, Leaving

Destroying Angel

Summer Games

To the Dolphins

You Found Me


The photo at left is a detail of M42... the Orion Nebula. Click the image at left to see the full photo.

It's a big universe. Here are links to some local places you may find interesting.

M42 images by Tom Osypowski. Scanning and image processing by Tony and Daphne Hallas at Astro Photo.

Ampersand Literary


Connecting Art & People

Ampersand Literary's goal is to provide a place where writers and artists can share their work. On November 9, 2016, the website published the lyric to "I Am A Troubadour" from Nan's book Words to Music.

Harmonious Combustion: The Holy Ghost
Nan is a member of this acappella vocal group. Hear their recording of A Song Of Peace at this link.

The Other Voices International Project
Browse a collection of poetry and lyrics from around the world. Founded by Roger Humes, this diverse collection of work is designed to help us find common ground in a world increasingly splintered along lines of strife and intolerance.

Equatorial Platforms
Precision tracking devices for Dobsonian Telescopes. The site includes platform details, owner testimonials and an excellent astrophotography gallery.

The Mountain Astrologer Magazine
Widely recognized as the best English-language astrology magazine in the world today. Browse past and current articles, astrology links and more.

The Jimmie Spheeris Memorial Gallery
Information and remembrances for the late Columbia recording artist. Rare photos, fan forum, complete discography and more.

Liquid Mind
Composer and synthesist Chuck Wild has crafted a series of tranquil, healing albums; the perfect antidote for the stresses and strains of modern life. Links to a free online sample, iTunes, online ordering and more.

The Paul Delph Memorial Gallery
Discography and remembrances for the late keyboardist, singer, and composer. Includes rare photos, links to online music samples and ordering.

CD Baby
Premier online resource for independent musicians and their fans.

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