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PORTFOLIO Dr. Scholl's advertising illustration design and digital imaging

This is an original illustration for a major ad agency on behalf of Dr. Scholl's (you know, the footcare company).

The campaign worked on the concept that any shoes are "sensible shoes" if you're wearing Dr. Scholl's gel inserts. Click it to zoom in. "The Right Tools for the Job" product illustration design and digital imaging


Vector drawings have many advantages over pixel-based images, such as those created with raster-based programs such as Photoshop.

Vector drawings are easily resized and edited for print or web use with no loss in quality. Nothing is lost or compromised.

Art101 created this vector art and page layout for a direct mail newsletter campaign.

Click it for a larger view. Please Contact Art101 to discuss an illustration for your product.

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Before & After Silhouette Drawing cover art design and digital imaging
Before & After Perspective Drawing cover art design and digital imaging
Before & After Shapes Factory cover art design design and digital imaging design and digital imaging design and digital imaging design and digital imaging design and digital imaging Before & After magazine article design

I had the good fortune to work with a great design magazine: Before & After.

I made the cover art shown above and helped illustrate lots of features, including the 4-page piece at left about drawing in perspective.

Full-size PDF
Full-size PDF of cover art

© PageLab, Inc. Used by permission. Visit their site for more cool stuff.


DVD slipcover design for a documentary film by Red Productions, Inc.

In addition to designing the DVD slipcover and DVD label, I was commissioned to design their new logo for future releases.

Full-size PDF of the slipcover
Full-size PDF of the DVD label

In the film, a son who never knew his father retraces his footsteps across Europe in an emotional retelling of unique moments in World War ll. design and digital imaging In My Father's Footsteps DVD slip cover design


1957 Thunderbird ©2018 Andy Markley - design and digital imaging

This was the very first "real" drawing I made on a computer with FreeHand... an experiment in the novel idea of drawing with a mouse.

At the time, it felt rather like drawing with a bar of soap but it's second nature now.

Some day, the Universe will buy me a 1957 Ford Thunderbird convertable. With a red interior.


Paratransit, Inc., logo detail, building signage design and digital imaging
Paratransit, Inc., vehicle livery design by Art101 design and digital imaging
Paratransit, Inc., building signage, night view design and digital imaging design and digital imaging design and digital imaging design and digital imaging design and digital imaging
Paratransit, Inc., full vehicle livery design

Paratransit, Inc., creates independence through smart transit for people who are unable to access public transit.

I was commissioned to redesign their logo, vehicle branding, building signage, newsletter, various additional print pieces and a standards guide.

The original drawing at left is used by vinyl applicators to apply livery to its fleet.

Full-size PDF


Art101 was commissioned to design a 90-page report about the California energy crisis by the California Attorney General's office. All vector art was created in FreeHand and exported as either EPS or TIFF files. Photos were provided by the client or purchased from a stock photo service.

It seemed appropriate that a report about an energy crisis required a black cover – a visual representation of a blackout. I bought a stock photo of a lightbulb photographed with an X-ray and inserted a map of California into the bulb's filament. Borrowing a technique for drawing neon tubes from a feature article by John McWade in Before & After magazine made the map glow.

Full-size cover art PDF

Full-size PDF of 11 sample pages design and digital imaging Energy white paper, cover design

MUSIC CD PACKAGE DESIGN: "POSTCARD FROM THE PROMISED LAND" Peter Oliva CD cover design design and digital imaging

8-panel music CD package designed for recording artist Peter Oliva using stock and original photos.

We used a clear CD jewel box so the image of a broken CD on the traycard is revealed when the CD is removed. Peter Oliva CD insert design

Traycard (outside) PDF
Traycard (inside) PDF
Insert (front) PDF
Insert (back) PDF
CD label JPEG

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT: PHILOMUSE, INC. Philomuse, Inc. web design layout detailFreeHand is a useful tool for custom Art101 website design mockups. We can quickly try out design options for tables by drawing rectangles of the cells we need, then calculate the exact width and height of any cell before porting to HTML.

J S Kingfisher is a friend and client (also a longtime FH user). While designing his company website, we emailed FH files back and forth to arrive at good design solutions. Visit

PDF of an early design sketch
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© The Partnership for Art and Music, LLC.
Used by permission.

"HI, I'M CEDAR" DVD SLIPCOVER "Hi, I'm Cedar" movie DVD Cover design and digital imaging

Designed entirely and donated to a favorite nonprofit project:

Art101 also donated website design help and the Wild Heart Films logo.

Hi, I'm Cedar is a documentary film about Cedar Bennett Rosenfield, a beautiful and talented young artist whose life was tragically cut short at the age of 20.

Full-size PDF of the slipcover

© The Cedar Bennett Project, Inc. Used by permission.


I tried out a few dozen fonts to find the right voice for this book cover commission. FreeHand's interface makes this design process very fast and intuitive. Once I found the right font (Birch, in this case), I used FreeHand's "Convert to Paths" type function to stretch the individual letterforms and curve their baselines into an arc. The Sugar Witch Custom Typography

© Samuel French, Inc., New York. Used by permission.
The Sugar Witch: A play by Nathan Sanders design and digital imaging The Sugar Witch Book Cover

Click art above to zoom in.

MUSIC CD PACKAGE DESIGN: "A GOD THAT CAN DANCE" Paul Delph: CD Cover Art design and digital imaging Paul Delph: CD Insert Design

This design commission documents the final music CD by the late Paul Delph.

The CD insert unfolds to a 9.5 by 14 inch 'mini-poster' based on an Art101 template for An Evening With Jimmie Spheeris.

Buy A God That Can Dance at CD Baby

Visit the official website

Buy Paul Delph music on iTunes

Download a PDF of the CD insert
Download a free Paul Delph MP3: "Transmissions"


Art101: Jimmie Spheeris Album Art Restoration for Sony Music

Photo restoration of LP cover art. Commissioned by Sony Music for the CD release of the Jimmie Spheeris music catalog. design and digital imagingCONTACT

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